Sabre Stun Gun 3,800,000V, Black

Sabre Stun Gun 3,800,000V, Black

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Want a powerful way to protect yourself? SABRE's line of stun guns are tested to ensure accuracy and come with additional safety features to maximize your protection! 


- #1 brand trusted by law enforcement worldwide 
- Voltage: 3,800,000 
- Discharge Current: 2.5 mA 
- Working Current: 2.0 Ampere 
- Safety Switch to prevent accidental discharge 
- Built in LED flashlight 
- Belt holster included 
- Built-in plug for recharging


Color: Black


This stun gun can't be shipped to anywhere in DC, HI, MA, NY, RI, MI. It also can't be shipped to the following counties or cities: Newark, Wilmington and New County, DE; Annapolis, Baltimore (City and County) and Howard County, MD; Tacoma City, WA; Denison and Crawford County, IA; Chicago, IL and Philadelphia, PA.